US Design and Engineering

All products manufactured and sold by GO are designed and engineered in the United States. Our engineering team has in-depth technological knowledge and understanding of product applications. We constantly work with and get input from medical professionals and incorporate their input into our product designs. Our proximity to the largest health care market in the world gives our team the quick feedback they need to continuously improve our product designs. Our testing and inspection processes have been established to the highest standards.

China-based Manufacturing

Our main manufacturing facility in China continues to be at the cutting edge in the adoption of the latest industry-wide quality standards. Our facility is ISO 13485 Certified and FDA Registered. We continue to strive to be the highest quality production facility while working very hard to maintain our products’ competitiveness.

As China has become the “World’s Factory”, our facility is benefiting from this rapid growth of a solid supply base. We are supported by a network of specialty suppliers for tooling, components, and sub-assemblies. We are glad to see how quickly many of these small to medium size companies have become world class manufacturers. All of these specialists are dedicated to 24/7 total satisfaction for every Global Orthopedic customer.